These leading logger vendors have added TrackVision integration to their flagship data analysis applications. TrackVision is seamlessly integrated with Racepak’s IQ3 & G2X and Datalink II, and with MoTeC’s ADL2 and i2Pro.

With your data and video opened in i2Pro or DatalinkII, a single click launches TrackVision with your video and data loaded, synchronized, and ready to save. What could be easier than that?
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As of June 1, 2016 we have suspended on-line sales of TrackVision Desktop. We're always eager to assist, so please don't hestitate to send questions and comments to support or on the forum.

Please check back periodically for updates on TrackVision products.

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Welcome to TrackVision

TrackVision is an easy to use Windows application that produces high quality video overlaid with your data.

Drivers in over 30 countries have made TrackVision the world's leading motorsports video solution.

Video - straight from your camera

It's that simple. TrackVision supports a wide range of video formats in full HD straight or standard resolution straight from your camera. Our objective is that you should be able to use your video in TrackVision without any conversion or pre-processing.
TrackVision V2.2 handles video in all these formats:

  • H.264 - including Aiptek 720p at 60fps
  • AVCHD - including Sony, Panasonic, and others
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4
  • DivX
  • XVid - including POV-1 format
  • MJPEG - including GoPro format
  • Windows Media Video
  • DV - digital video, typically from tape-based camcorders

TrackVision accepts these formats in both standard and HD format, and in any frame size or aspect ratio. There may be an exception that we have not yet seen, but if there is we will work to resolve it in a release update.

What about .avi and .mov formats?

.avi and .mov are not actually video formats. They are multimedia container formats which can contain both video and audio files in a wide range of formats. For example, a file named myvideo.avi from your camera could contain a video file in DV, WMV, or MJPEG format. Similarly, a file named from another camera could contain a video file in DV, MPEG1, MPEG4 or H.264 format. Confusing, isn't it? The good thing is that TrackVision opens the avi or mov container and extracts the video file for you.

Data - straight from your datalogger

TrackVision accepts data from almost any datalogger:

  • AiM - all models with Race Studio
  • Autronic
  • Auterra
  • MaxQData
  • MoTeC - all models with MoTeC i2Pro or i2 standard
  • Megasquirt
  • Pi Research
  • Racepak - all models with DatalinkII
  • Racelogic
  • Race Technology - all models with Race Technology Analysis
  • Stack
  • Traqmate
  • GTech
  • A wide range of hand-help GPS loggers
  • ...and more in the works

Save your video the way you want it

TrackVision includes some neat features that let you make your video the way you want it

  • Choose from more than 30 dashboard layouts
  • Put the dashboard where you want it and make it the size you want
  • Easily modify our dashboards, or create your own
  • Enter event information for display on your dashboard
  • Easily save a small section of a lap, a single lap, or multiple laps as a separate video
  • Choose the video frame size and format to save your video

Take a look at the Gallery to see video that our users have produced with TrackVision.

Our focus on merging digital video and data acquisition systems is driven by the opportunity to enhance the track experience for the full spectrum of drivers - from beginner track day participants to professional racing teams. With an in-car video camera, a data logger, and TrackVision, you can produce professional quality video to:

  • Analyze your driving as the key to performance improvement.
  • Share an enriched experience of the track with friends and family.

TrackVision is being used in just about every form of motor sports:

  • Professional racing, amateur racing, club track days, autocross, hillclimb, rally and more
  • Cars, bikes, karts, power boats, and more
  • With lightweight GPS loggers now supported, mountain bikers, heliskiers, and off-roaders of all kinds are now active in the TrackVision game.

VIDEO + DATA = TrackVision

TrackVision V2.2 is a digitally signed Windows application compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Mac users can run TrackVision on Bootcamp.

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TrackVision is a trademark of Apex Visualizations, LLC